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How to Order On-Line?

Ordering prints is easy as 1-2-3.

To order photo prints from this site, you need to have an event login name and the password. The photographer should give you the login information. You can click on the Login button to get to the login page, where you should type your event login name and the event password.

Upon authentication, you will see the event information and the list of available photo albums for the selected event. At any time you can comeback to the photo gallery by selecting the Photo Gallery link.

On the Photo Gallery page you need to select an album from the list of photo albums, to view the content of that album. The list of photos will be presented to you on pages with up to 90 photos per page.

If you would like to add one or more photos to the shopping cart, just select the check-box under desired picture and press on the Add Selected button. The selected photos will appear on the left side of the page, in our Virtual Receipt™. You will have a chance to select the quantity and the print size later, in the Shopping Cart. You may continue viewing photos in any albums under current event.

When you are ready to select the size and the quantity or to check out, please click on the the Shopping Cart button.

In the shopping cart you need to select a photo print size and the quantity if it is more than one.

Just change the quantity from 1 to any other number and press the update button at the bottom of the shopping cart.

At that time we will need to know your ZIP Code so we can calculate the shipping charges. You can click on Shipping and Handling page at anytime to view or change your ZIP Code.

When you are ready to pay for the order, just click on the Check Out button at the bottom of your shopping cart, on the Shopping Cart page, and provide your billing and shipping information.

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